Phase 1 of Interviews: Mexico City

In a recent post at Medium I laid a framework for conducting the first phase of Our Viral Lives interviews. I stressed participant-driven philosophy whereby individuals would have agency to talk about sexuality and HIV/AIDS, including those who don’t feel as comfortable speaking in English. As a result, I developed a prompt to begin the first stage of interviews. This can be answered at an individual’s leisure. If they wish, they can then choose to participate in a longer, in person interview.

If you would please to participate, please reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, or email kyle at ourvirallives dot org. You can answer the initial prompt in either English or Spanish, depending on which you’re most comfortable with.


“Our Viral Lives is an online archival project devoted to preserving stories about sexuality and HIV/AIDS, specifically for LGBTQ people under the age of 35 (though everyone is welcome). Because HIV affects these communities everywhere, I wanted to know a little bit more about your own experiences with sexuality and HIV in Mexico City. Please answer the following prompt or think of anything related to it:

Has HIV impacted your day-to-day life? If yes, in what ways? (e.g. Are you HIV-positive? Do you work in an HIV/AIDS service organization?) If no, why don’t you think HIV has a significant impact on your life?”


En español:

“Our Viral Lives (Nuestras Vidas Virales) es un proyecto de archivo en línea dedicado a preservar historias sobre sexualidad y VIH/SIDA, especificamente para gente LGBTQ menor a 35 años (aunque todos son bienvenidos). Debido a que el VIH afecta a estas comunidades en todo el mundo, quiero saber un poco más sobre tus propias experiencias con la sexualidad y el VIH en la Ciudad de México. Por favor responde a la siguiente pregunta o bien piensa y dime algo relacionado a ella:

Ha impactado el VIH tu vida diaria? De ser así, en qué forma? (por ejemplo. Eres VIH positivo? Trabajas en una organización de servicio a la comunidad con VIH/SIDA? Si el VIH no ha influido en tu vida, por qué crees que el VIH no tiene un impacto significativo en tu vida cotidiana?”

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